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"A Daily Tattle Tale" - Daily Child Care Log For Nanny, Babysitter Or Caretaker, Part of "The Nanny Files Collection" Printable Organizers

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Have you ever found yourself coming home from a long day out away from the house only to have to ask the nanny 101 questions about your little one's day (and then try to remember everything she said)?

Make your (and your nanny's) life easier with this printable nanny form!  

Designed by a mom, for moms, this is the most-inclusive daily child care log you will ever need!

"A Daily Tattle Tale" is a daily child care log that includes every little details about your little one's day.  From when they woke up from their nap, how long they slept, what they had for lunch (did they eat it all or only half?), activities they enjoyed and their gereral mood for the day, you will feel like you were right there next to them for their whole day!  (**Because everything is written down, it also makes it very easy to identify any opportunities for correction if you find your instructions are not being followed).

This form is part of a 4 piece set which also includes The Ouch Report (incident/injury report), All The Important Deets (important information form) and Emergency Information form.  Click on this link to view the complete bundle:

This form can be printed as many times as needed and have a 0.75" printing margin on the right and left-hand side to accomodate hole punching and/or binding.  

This digital download/printable planner/printable organizer comes in the following file type:

  • PDF

And in the following size:

  • 8.5" x 11"


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